NDA is….

The noisiest table at the Soho House.

A 360 content and business development consultancy built around the infectious passions and unique skills of a handful of entertainment and marketing executives with a highly sought after list of exceptional contacts. We open doors… to new revenue streams and new relationships.

The relationships that we’ve grown live on that list. They empower us to package a new take on strategy, content, talent and insight for essential brands and IP from fashion, entertainment, food and gaming.

They also pave the way for us to explore new introductions for your brand or consultancy.

Our Philosophy:

Working with us is an experience. And unexpected brand and consultancy experiences, built upon our unique partnerships, are what set us apart:

  • Iconic live theater
  • Virtual Reality film festivals
  • Celebrity passion projects
  • Graphic novel to novel to film management
  • Gaming star workshops
  • Digital and traditional branding across all platforms
  • Bespoke new business introductions for all categories and industries