Uncommon Brand and IP Experience

Managing Director, Carey Fox
Carey Fox, award-winning film executive/ director/ strategist for all channels and brands creates, manages and packages personality-driven entertainment and marketing forward IP for boldface talent including:

David Bowie
Stan Lee
Warren Buffett
The Beatles (estates of)
Mark Ronson
Cindy Crawford
Mahalia Jackson (estate of)
Britney Spears

His diverse brand experience includes Giorgio Armani, Revlon, Shanghai Tang, Diageo, Phillips Van Heusen, Philip Morris, Indy Car Racing, others

A More Personal Experience

Managing Director, Michael Ash
Michael Ash is the NDA touchpoint.
An iconic talent manager for the international marketing industry and artists worldwide, Michael has an unerring skill for being ten minutes ahead of the curve. Breakthrough talent and trends in photography, film and art seek his insights and direction season after season. These unique resources provide our clients an edge they can’t replicate.


``Michael has a remarkable gift. The ability to understand each artists' unique talent and vision. Then, he works with and inspires the artist. If you are fortunate enough to be working with Michael Ash, then you are working with THE BEST.``

Bill Charles

Photo Agent

``When I first came to New York. Michael was the only agent who immediately saw the great potential in my work. I’m happy to see, Michael is still on the forefront to assess what’s next.``

Raymond Meier


``In a world where we are losing uniqueness and artistic talent, Michael will speak a message to the world that is full of love and an essence that must not be lost.``

Kenji Aoki


``You have such a wonderful eye and great instincts, and am grateful for your generosity.``

Jody Quon

Executive Photo Editor at New York Magazine

``I met Michael in 1998 before I moved to NYC from Singapore. He was, and still is, a legendary figure. Because of his many years of experience in the industry and his closeness to creatives teams, he is able to know what this creative industry needs. Make no mistake, he is not the guy who will tell you to conform to what the market needs. He believes in pushing the envelope, he believes in me and I am eternally grateful to him. I would not know where I will be now if I had not met Michael Ash.``

John Clang


``Michael Ash is one of those few people born with a natural instinct. To watch him work is quite spectacular. He sees and feels how the images should flow, creating stories and moments that seamlessly ebb into one another.``

Lisa Maria Cabrera

Tenth and Hudson Production